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Our Mission


The Fun Food Show is an educational film project by the Fun Food Network, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to educating children, parents, and the community about the benefits and practices of healthy eating, gardening, food science, and cooking.

Launched by a group of filmmakers and musicians passionate about creating a healthier world, the Fun Food Show features fun and educational videos to change the way kids eat and think about food. Using the accessible, interactive medium of educational short film, the Fun Food Show connects low-income, inner city children with nutrition education and the tools to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.



Need Statement

On set with the Fun Food ShowBasically, BAD food is cheap.

Los Angeles County has one one of the highest rates of obese and overweight children in California. Studies consistently show that bad (and good) eating habits are often acquired in childhood, and for a variety of reasons the habits the children of L.A. County have acquired are quite unhealthy. Basically, bed food is cheap, tasty, and heavily advertised, and parents are often too stressed to prepare nutritious meals. While healthy school lunches have made good food more affordable and accessible, turning around poor diets also requires building demand among the children themselves. Children are bombarded day after day with messaging that empty calories and processed foods are delicious. They hardly hear anything about nutritious food, let alone about how it helps them feel good and tastes better than a lot of junk food, too!

That’s where we come in, giving children positive examples of ways they can make healthy choices in fun and memorable songs and videos.

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The Fun Food Network (formerly known as You Are What You Eat and Shortz & Pantz Productions) is registered under EIN 46-3292127.