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Uschi PuschiIn 2010 Academy Award winning producer/director Matt Danciger conceived of a video series originally called You Are What You Eat. Designed to teach children about food in the same fun way that Sesame Street teaches them about letters and numbers, YAWYE would have been a half-hour sketch-comedy variety show that just happened to be about food. Together with his talented songwriting wife Nadja and producing partner Mel Metcalfe, Matt created a dozen sketches and songs were written and produced in 2011.

The project was enthusiastically received at all of the networks and production companies the team approached but YAWYE could not find a home without sacrifices some of its core message, so the decision was made to continue independently as a nonprofit.

The YAWYE project received 501c3 designation in 2014 and has kept gaining momentum ever since. In 2015 the group formally changed the name of the program to the Fun Food Show to reflect the expanded mission of providing nutrition education to parents and kids of all ages through videos, this website, and a mobile app (coming soon!).


The Fun Food Show Team

Matt Danciger
Creator, Producer, Director

Matt is an Academy-Award winning director, producer, writer and cameraman living in Los Angeles. The son of a Texas cattleman/organic gardener and a wanna-be Southern Jewish mother, Matt grew up surrounded by delicious FOOD. Matt has worked with prominent directors such as Barry Levinson and Kevin Reynolds and once had Terry Gilliam show him his underwear. His favorite food is soup dumplings.

Nadja Danciger
Musical Director

German-born Nadja Narotzky Danciger has been successfully creating and representing commercial music since 1997 when she co-founded 101 Original Music in New York City. At 101 she represented and managed a team of composers specializing in music for film, television and advertising productions.

In October of 2000, Nadja moved to Berlin to take on the position of Music Supervisor/Producer for the On-Air Promotions Department at SAT.1 Television Network. In 2004, Nadja was hired by Extreme Music, one of the biggest and most successful production music libraries in the world, to head up their German speaking division. Nadja now lives in Los Angeles where she continues to work as a songwriter and music supervisor for film and TV projects on a freelance basis. Many of her songs have been placed in tv programs and films and can be heard on the radio throughout the world.

Nadja is also a renowned piano teacher. She loves working with kids and adults, and finds teaching one of the most rewarding ways to give back and share her passion and knowledge of music. Her favorite food is cheese!

Mel Metcalfe III
CEO, Director

Born and raised in Hollywood, California, Mel Metcalfe is a third generation filmmaker following in his Father and Grandfather‘s footsteps. An award winning producer, Mel is also an accomplished director/cameraman/editor with numerous commercial, documentary, web-series, and promos under his belt. Mel’s favorite food is espresso!

Mike Betette
Head Writer

Mike Betette currently writes and directs for Epic Rap Battles of History, for which he won a Streamy Award for Writing, and performs at Mi’s Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica. Previously, he worked on improv shows for Ryan Seacrest Productions and CBS, and co-created ThisisMarkTwain@aol.com for Mandatory.com. He was a story editor for TBS’ Funniest Wins and a writer for Manswers (SpikeTV) and SuperNews! (Current TV).

Lisa Selden
Board Member

Lisa Selden is a media executive with expertise in digital and music. She licenses, distributes and generates revenue from entertainment content across all platforms; TV, mobile, online, etc. She earned her MBA from NYU Stern and has worked at Viacom, HBO and Napster. She’s the mother of two active girls who love to create in the kitchen and know they have more energy and feel better when they eat healthily. Lisa’s favorite food is Iced Coffee 😉